ATLCO Real Estate is a privately held real estate advisory and investment company, headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. Our mission is to lead the way in global real estate investing by empowering investors, high-networth individuals, and working class professionals with rigorously vetted, value-added, risk-adjusted real estate investments that create multi-generational wealth, financial freedom, and peace of mind.

As times have changed ATLCO’s commitment to our clients—only gets stronger. With our team, you’re always supported by an experienced group of real estate professionals with one primary goal: to help you create wealth & financial freedom. Our management team brings together a multi-faceted array of industry experience, knowledge, key industry relationships and resources to our clients. We find, analyze, acquire, and renovate real estate investments on behalf of our investor clients – with a focus on residential real estate acquisitions. Our professional services include real estate advisory, real estate investment management, wealth management, asset management, and financial planning. We help resolve complex real estate investing issues and identify opportunities across carefully analyzed emerging markets. Your desires to diversify your investment portfolio into real estate can be accomplished right here at ATLCO with our world-class capabilities – we will achieve your real estate investment goals, together.

We are aware of the many life changes and economic ups and downs that may happen throughout the life span of our clients. We have created a system that allows us to build a strong real estate portfolio diversification plan for our clients, that is risk-adjusted, accounts for market volatility, with the core goal of preserving the wealth of our clients. Our firm applies time-proven real estate investment and financial principles that are in line with your overall investment goals. As life happens and your priorities may change – we are flexible enough to work with your changing demands and will revise your real estate investment plan to meet that demand. We utilize a systematic investment process with a long-term – risk management outlook while focusing on acquiring distressed -value-added investment opportunities and with this approach we provide our investors with asset secured investments. We work with investors to help them refine their investment goals, create a comprehensive real estate investment plan, implement the investment plan and review the results alongside our investors. We believe that our long-term approach to investing allows us to make better decisions, get those decisions translated quickly into actions and sustain the momentum into the future.  

As a firm where we place relationships first – we have worked passionately to bring quality services to our investors. We place a strong value and emphasis on getting to really know our clients and understand what is most important to them. We understand that all of our investors have unique story’s and situations and we take pride in learning about their goals and how we can put together a plan to get there, together. Whether you’re a young working class professional or older professional that is thinking of retirement it is never too early or late to create the life you deserve and accomplish your financial goals. We are a disciplined organization that places our investors’ needs at the center of everything we do.  Here at ATLCO Real Estate, our passion for this business and belief in this industry stems from the direct success our management team has had in their investing career and that is what drives us to strive for excellence along side our investors.

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Executive Team

BBA Finance
Chief Executive Officer
$4M+ Acquisitions | 50+ Investment Deals Closed

Executive Advisor
Licensed Broker | 20+ Years Experience
ATLCO Consultant

Amy Oraefo, PC
ATLCO Legal Counsel
Licensed Attorney

Our management team brings together a multi-faceted array of industry experience, knowledge, and resources to our clients. Our core values of doing business with integrity and always being transparent with our clients are always at the forefront of our daily operations. Our management team is founded on strong corporate governance, respect, trust, and always being open about communications among each other – and we strive to uphold those same standards with our investors.

Property Manager
$25M+ Assets Under Mgmt
Licensed Agent