ATLCO follows a disciplined, internally monitored - investment process to evaluate each real estate investment opportunity. We evaluate important financial and market metrics with a future outlook to ensure a sustainable portfolio development plan for our investors. We are very thorough and also evaluate several macro-economic factors that determine the values of a profitable real estate investment. Such factors include - school districts, employment rate, crime index, proximity to amenities, proximity to vacant homes or foreclosures, and much more in our investment property underwriting system.

Once we have determined a property fits our buying criteria – we have the necessary contracts in place to place the property under contract, funding system to close within 3 weeks or less, we close with licensed real estate attorneys who perform a title check for every acquisition, as well as providing title insurance and general warranty deed for every acquisition. After we have closed – the re-positioning efforts will begin immediately along side vetted 3rd party Licensed and Insured contractors and our investment exit strategy (whether property disposition or hold) will have been decided long before we acquire the property. If our clients are in need of professional Asset Management, our Asset Management division is outsourced and provided by our trusted partner E&E Capital Management, LLC. which currently manages over $25 Million dollars’ worth of assets under management in Atlanta. Our investing system allows us to maximize returns for our investors on a risk-adjusted basis to achieve their investment goals.

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Multi-Sourcing System to consistently find the best deals and discounted investment properties for our investors. We have spent years developing a strong pipeline system for under-valued distressed assets. As a result of our multi-source approach - there will always be investment opportunities available for our clients to select from. We consider ourselves the boots on the ground for our investors and have the local market expertise to source quality investment opportunities.


We have a team of lenders who will also finance the purchase and rehab cost of investment properties for our investors - so you don't have to worry about where you will get the financing - and even if our investors already have the capital capacity to self-finance this value add provides them with the option to utilize leverage.


This renovation and re-positioning phase of the process is a very critical stage. As such - our investors have the peace of mind of working with our 3rd-Party - affiliated licensed and insured general contractors who will provide a scope of work of what needs to be done to maximize the value of each investment property. We also will be manage each project for the investors to make sure the renovation work is getting done  in a timely and efficient manner - to minimize project cost and investor risk.


The final stage of the process - The Investor Exit Stage - in which our investors Re-Sell the properties for capital gains or HOLD the property for cashflow for years to come. It takes a lot of team-work between our investors, management team, and industry stake-holders to get to this stage and we take great pride in being able to help our investors get to this stage of the process. Investors realize returns on investment, experience, and are on the path to creating financial security for themselves and their loved ones.

Client Testimonials

Prince E.
CEO, Steve Ford International

"ATLCO Real Estate is highly knowledgeable in the Atlanta Real Estate market with years of experience. When it comes to sourcing investment properties with high yield for investors and buyers they deliver"

Shishir K.
President/CEO - Kaushik Group

"Victor is one of the most trustworthy, high integrity and personable investors I know. He always strives to create a win-win-win situation. He is very well networked and has great sources for excellent, high yield investment properties throughout the country."

Hadi A.
CEO, Atl Home Inspections, Inc.

"I have worked with Victor on several deals in the past year and found him to be extremely knowledgeable with respect to buyer, selling rental/investment properties. Victor has an extensive background in bulk residential real estate investment portfolios that yield 10%+ ROI. As a person who deals with real estate professionals on a daily basis I have been consistently impressed with Victor and would recommend him to anyone buying or selling properties in the state of GA."

Brad C.
Managing Partner, SS Investments, LLC

"I see a lot of deals every day, what I value most is realistic numbers and the ability to deal directly with the contract owner. Victor is straightforward and easy to work with."

Barry J.

"Victor, I just want to thank you for all your effort on this deal. YOU made this happen and you were the ultimate professional THROUGHOUT"

Gordon T.
Senior Associate, SS Investments, LLC

"ATLCO is a reliable source for deal flow. Victor is a pleasure to work with."

ATLCO WIN-WIN™ Proprietary Financial Analysis System

Throughout the years of experience and being a part of several million dollars worth of real estate transactions and projects here in Atlanta we have developed an in-house financial analysis system developed by our CEO, Victor Bomi, BBA, Finance. This analysis system was designed to always put the interest of our investors first and make sure every investment hits our minimum yield requirements. This allows ATLCO to simplify the entire investing process for our clients to make the –  acquisition, renovation, re-positioning and development of distressed residential homes – become a turnkey investing operation for our clients.