Real estate investing can help solidify financial security for generations to come. At ATLCO we provide a variety
investor services and resources to simplify the real estate investing process and maximize the return
on investment for our investors. We utilize a long-term approach with our investment strategy and
everyone we do business with so that our organization is built on a sustainable foundation.

We work with individuals and families who think about the big-picture in life and those who would like
to create financial security for the ones they love. ATLCO CAPITAL PARTNERS

his comment is here We provide our clients with peace of mind in knowing that our experienced team
of real estate and financial professionals are committed to ensuring their success.

We have taken years to establish key quality industry relationships that
give us inside access to some of the best investment opportunities in today’s market.

Rather than going at it alone – we are here to be your trusted partner in real estate. Leverage our expertise,
so you can avoid the bumps on the road in the real estate investing market.

Our Esteemed Clients Currently Include - High-Networth Individuals and Families, Working Class Professionals, Business Owners, International Investors, Accredited Investors, Retirees and 401k/IRA Investors. We also source opportunities for active builders, rehabbers, landlords, and institutional investors who are already investing and doing business in real estate.



An organizational philosophy of integrity, transparency, and open communication to keep our investors always in the know on the status of their portfolio


We are disciplined in our investment approach – to ensure that each investment is consistent with our financial model.


We are very well networked, with a company infrastructure that consistently provides our investors with financial resources, investment opportunities and reliable team that our investors can count on.


You work along side a competent management team that has a combined 20+ years experience in the real estate market and industry.

Client Testimonials

Prince E.
CEO, Steve Ford International

"ATLCO Real Estate is highly knowledgeable in the Atlanta Real Estate market with years of experience. When it comes to sourcing investment properties with high yield for investors and buyers they deliver"

Shishir K.
President/CEO - Kaushik Group

"Victor is one of the most trustworthy, high integrity and personable investors I know. He always strives to create a win-win-win situation. He is very well networked and has great sources for excellent, high yield investment properties throughout the country."

Hadi A.
CEO, Atl Home Inspections, Inc.

"I have worked with Victor on several deals in the past year and found him to be extremely knowledgeable with respect to buyer, selling rental/investment properties. Victor has an extensive background in bulk residential real estate investment portfolios that yield 10%+ ROI. As a person who deals with real estate professionals on a daily basis I have been consistently impressed with Victor and would recommend him to anyone buying or selling properties in the state of GA."

Brad C.
Managing Partner, SS Investments, LLC

"I see a lot of deals every day, what I value most is realistic numbers and the ability to deal directly with the contract owner. Victor is straightforward and easy to work with."

Barry J.

"Victor, I just want to thank you for all your effort on this deal. YOU made this happen and you were the ultimate professional THROUGHOUT"

Gordon T.
Senior Associate, SS Investments, LLC

"ATLCO is a reliable source for deal flow. Victor is a pleasure to work with."

ATLCO has had the distinct pleasure of doing business with various types of individuals from different walks of life. We are a global minded company that has closed on investment properties and been a trusted real estate partner with clients hailing from West Africa, Australia, Israel, and China.

We are not limited to a specific "type" of investor - as our firm, since inception has done business with institutional firms as well as local mom and pop investors here in Atlanta. No matter your background - we believe that we can be a trusted partner in real estate for you.

Past Institutional Clients Include:

Invitation Homes
HavenBrook Homes
Waypoint Homes
643 Cap