ATLCO executes a disciplined approach to real estate investing and utilizes comprehensive
due diligence, market expertise along with a commitment to the long-term success of our investors.
At our core, ATLCO has an extensive and diverse understanding of real estate financial analysis
that allows us to carefully underwrite each investment to ensure the highest risk-adjusted returns for our clients.
We have established a strong track record of getting deals to the closing table at ATLCO and are passionate about
real estate and about building great long-term relationships with our investors.




Our Investment Philosophy is built on 3 core foundations and principles: Risk Management, Wealth Accumulation, and Wealth Preservation.

Risk Management

Life can be very unpredictable, and in order to be prepared to handle those storms that will come we provide the platform the make risk-adjusted investments in real estate, protecting the capital of our investors and also provide a value add financial planning service with a FINRA registered Investment Advisor.

Wealth Accumulation

Put your capital to work into high yielding real estate investment opportunities. Our advisory services are designed to help you to create wealth in real estate.

Wealth Preservation

One of the reasons this company was started was to be able to create a platform that allows families to leave behind a legacy for the ones they love. We will design and implement a real estate investing plan that allows your money and investments to take care of you in retirement and your family long after you are gone.