Atlanta has always been a forward – thinking and ahead of the curve city since it’s grass root days historically. The real estate market in Atlanta compared to markets such as California & New York – provide investors to get the most for their capital. Rated as the #1 rental market for Investors by HomeUnion – lots of very sophisticated investors have poured in millions of dollars worth of their capital into the Atlanta market.

In the recent years the city has seen a tremendous spike in population and boom economically as a result of all the new FORTUNE 500 companies relocating to Atlanta. It is extremely an attractive city for young professionals because of all the opportunities that are here – ranked by FORBES 2016 as the #19 city in the country for young professionals & ranked #9 for best places to do business and careers by FORBES. Additionally, there are quite a few billion dollar city re-development projects taking place that will improve the overall quality of life – thus increasing demand to live here – thereby increasing property values.  Such positive macroeconomic factors will only cause property values to keep rising and the city is poised to be a great place to invest in real estate for years to come.

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