The City of Stars i.e. “Queen of Angels” – Los Angeles, is not only home to many great people, but also home to some of the best real estate investment opportunities in the entire coutry. The city of Los Angeles boasts as the # 2 largest city in the entire country.
LA is at the epicenter of all major business and commercial transactions in the United States. The city contains the world headquarters of top corporations such as Facebook, SPACEX, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Mattel Inc. and many other great firms. LA is also home to iconic sports franchises such as the Lakers & Dodgers.
A multitude of commercial city developments and re-developments are taking place in Atlanta that are sure to increase property values throughout the city – such developments include The – At Mateo, The Grand, The Reef, Circa, Ford Factory Building, Hotel Figueroa,  The New Billion Dollar LA Rams and Chargers Stadium, Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw Plaza Redevelopment and so much more. Some other major developments to look out for in LA tha are taken place are infrastructural developments such as The Los Angeles StreetCar  and The Regional Connector. These development projects are all estimated to drive in billions of dollars in revenue for the city, and drive an already thriving economy even more further up.


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