Investors these days are looking for an alternative to the volatile stock market - and real estate is always on the top shortlist of options. Historically - investing in real estate has proved to be a great strategy to hedge against the risk of the stock market. The real estate sector provides investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio and enhance overall returns. One of the reasons real estate is a top alternative to the market for investors is because it has a low, to negative correlation with the stock market. Historically,  what happens in the equity markets tends to not have a direct effect on the values of real property.

Real Estate provides investors with a little more piece of mind because of it's stability (no constant price fluctuations and updates by the media everyday) as well as its tangible nature (investors can see, feel, and touch their asset) as opposed to the volatile, intangible (Paper) nature of stocks and bonds. This is also good because investors are not necessarily at the mercies of their investment managers since the property itself, income, market rents and at what price you buy it is usually where the value comes from . At ATLCO - we also take the stress out of real estate investing and provide our investors peace of mind by sourcing discounted properties through our multi-source system to acquire investment properties at a discount to the retail value. We thoroughly analyze every investment opportunity with a disciplined financial analysis and due diligence system to make sure it falls within our value-added equity model. 

Many of our clients invest with us for a variety of reasons, however what we have found is that most of our clients who decide to invest with us - invest for reasons greater  than themselves - to create financial security for their family. Real Estate allows investors to leave behind a legacy for their loved ones and preserves generational wealth. It is the one asset class that can give anyone the financial freedom to retire early in life and before Age 67. Some other key benefits also include - large short-term Capital Gains, tax deductions, portfolio diversification, long-term passive income, leverage, and so much more. Real Estate is the one common asset class that you can find among all the wealthy families and individuals in the world - and people will always need a place to live. The great thing about the real estate market we specialize in (Atlanta) is that relative to home prices in other markets such as California and New York - you get the best value for your dollars. Real Estate will continue to be a stable investment for a very long-time and there has never been a better time to get into the real estate market than now.

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Benefits of Investing In Real Estate


Real Estate Investing provides investors the opportunity of making stable, passive income and cashflow every month for as long as they would like to hold the property. This method of investing reduces investor risk because it relies more on income and cashflow vs. speculation and capital value.


Real Estate Investing provides investors a stable market to park their capital and preserve wealth. As investors acquire more properties they build your networth and with each acquisition overtime create peace of mind knowing that sustainable wealth is being created.



Real Estate is a safer Investment because capital is secured by an appreciating asset. Investment properties appreciate in value with inflation (which is good - because it is a hedge-against inflation). This increased value gives investors multiple options including the sale and reinvestment in higher value properties or provide investors with an equity line of credit to use for other investments. The appreciation factor of real estate is a benefit that has been historically proven and is valuable quality of real estate investing.

Investors can create financial security for loved ones and leave behind a Legacy their family. The most wealthiest families in the world have used real estate investing as a form of Wealth transfer to Estate their Heirs for centuries now. Historically the real estate sector has been the #1 wealth creator in the world and by participating in real estate investors can do something great for their family that outlives them for generations to come.



These benefits include the ability to recover the cost of income-producing property through depreciation, ability to use 1031 exchanges to defer profits from real estate investments from being taxed, and borrow against real estate equity to make additional investments or for other purposes.

Historically Real Estate offers higher returns and has outperformed other asset classes such as stocks and bonds on a Risk-Adjusted Basis.